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Registering a company as an individual is very time consuming.  That is why it is important to have an Accountant who can assist you with this procedure.

This can easily take up from a few hours (even a few days) of your time and become a stressful experience. What is your time worth to you per hour? Compare that to paying a professional Accountant, and you will see why our clients rather prefer to let us deal with the registering of their company. 

When we register your company, the following steps are take and your company can be registered within a minimum of 48 hours:

  • Our client completes the Company Registration Application form (this takes less than approximately 3 minutes to complete)
  • The client returns the completed Application form, along with their proof of payment
  • Mynette Financial Services then  completes the registration process on CIPC’s database and applies for the company name to be reserved (supply at least 3 names) 
  • Mynette Financial Services then  forwards all the relevant documentation for the Directors’ signature to the client to be signed.
  • Once we receive the signed and completed form, we forward the required documentation to CIPC to finalise the registration of your company name.
  • CIPC will inform us when the company has been registered on their database and we will let you know immediately.
  • As soon as your company has been registered, we will retrieve all your company documents and forward them to you, along with your Share Certificates, Income Tax Number and BEE Affidavit. (if applicable)

When we register your company, it will be done fast and efficiently, or we guarantee,  your money back.

Click here if you want to start the process for us to assist you and we will get back to you shortly.

Your privacy is very important to us and we will not share your information as the POI Act also protects the Consumer.

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